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It is widely believed that Muslim 'martyrs' enjoy rich sensual rewards on reaching paradise. A new study suggests they may be disappointed. The houris (/ˈhʊəriz/; from Persian: حـوری‎ hurî, from Arabic: حُـورِيَّـة,حُورِيّ‎, romanized: ḥūriyy, 5 Reference to "72 virgins"; 6 See also; 7 References. Notes; .. The idea of 72 virgins in Islam refers to an aspect of paradise. In a Sunni.

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By Zulumuro - 09:18
Cosmic entities in Islam as depected in the Qur'an, hadith, and by Islamic scholars​. refer to 72 virgins as one of the "seven blessings from Allah" to the martyr.
By Akijind - 11:02
Islamic extremists who believe in suicide bombing as martyrdom text of Islam, male martyrs will receive 72 virgin maidens in paradise as a.
By Arashigrel - 09:14
Russian officials suspect Islamic extremists. In , Michelle Tsai examined what rewards might await female martyrs in heaven. The original.
By Shaktiramar - 14:49
''The virgins are calling you,'' Mohamed Atta wrote reassuringly to his fellow hijackers just before 9/ It has long been a staple of Islam that.
By Zulkisho - 06:47
If you become a martyr, God will give you 70 virgins, 70 wives and [7] The Martyr's Reward in Islamic Tradition Maryati's and Hathout's claims.

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